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I can’t speak for a specific individual

but in general, my guess would be the following. I bet that lots of potential MLM recruits are going to google(Its the instant info age), finding this forum and reading up on all the information posted here. This causes lots of problems MLM recruiters in the form of questions/rejections. Whats a better way to deal […]


I’m new to the forum

I’ve had some experience in unsuccessful MLMs. My latest one was a thing called Kanosis, which was supposed to have been an online community as well as remote hard drive service that was to revolutionize the world. That fell apart about a month after they launch. Of course they managed to get my money BEFORE […]

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I think you can tell my feelings

about most DS/NWM/MLM Biz Opps — don’t waste your time or money on them. However, I have a friend who joined ITVVentures. On the surface, their tag line of not needing to “pester” friends and family is true — their “system” does not rely on cold calls but people watching their infomercials and making the […]


Re Markuz-

> My latest one was a thing called Kanosis, It isn’t hard to predict how much cash is needed to run a virtual business. It isn’t hard to budget for those expenses. Yet Kanosis appeared to be unable to either predict how much cash it needed, and budget for that amount of cash. The most […]

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Hi Cheri:

When I read about your symptoms and frustration with medicine, it reminded me of what my neighbor, Marilyn, was going through. She was suffering enormously from fibromyalgia and nothing seemed to help including a variety of medical doctors prescribing medication. She met with someone who did guided imagery and it worked. The condition disappeared and […]

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From Jeff:

> I joined YTB 6 months ago. $1,000 poorer and no reps, We’re not surprised. > I’m planning to > drop out. Your smart choice. > However, in a last ditch effort to find a legit MLM, Not going to happen. > I > found out about one (by accident) and am giving consideration to […]

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Thanks for the response

No, this company is actually called “Home & Garden Party”. I am familiar with Home Interiors. I hosted a successful party, so I tried selling it. I HATED it. I had to order more than the quantity that I wanted. It was delivered to my house and I had to sort it. Hostess gifts were […]