I’m new to the forum

I’ve had some experience in unsuccessful MLMs. My latest one was a thing called Kanosis, which was supposed to have been an online community as well as remote hard drive service that was to revolutionize the world. That fell apart about a month after they launch. Of course they managed to get my money BEFORE they launched.

Now I’ve found a company that works, which falls into the MLM category by your definition. The reason I joined this forum is 1) I’m surprised by the number of people in the forum who have had bad experiences with MLMs. 2)I have an interest understanding the experience of people who once thought MLM’s were a good idea, but have been turned around in their thinking. Armed with this info I think I’ll know what to do to mitigate or avoid those MLM pitfalls for myself and the people I introduce to the business, if it’s within my control to do so.

I’m still reading through past message posts, so no need to reply to this (unless you feel a need to). I just want to to share who I am and why I’m here.