On ITV Ventures (Not ITVVentures)- it’s based in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA

Before they became MLM, or MLM-like (?), they just did infomercials and employees took the calls. I was interested in being employed by them at that time. They even had a positive story in a local tow newspaper in this area. However, what they promoted on their infomercials wads crap. It’s a false treatment for cancer, etc.
They even had an infomercial with Kevin Treudeau (spelling?), the professional scam artist, who use to be in the now-defunct Nutrition For Life (I think he was one, or the, reason for its downfall). He’s written a few junk books on nutrition, natural ‘cures’, the ‘industry doesn’t want you to know’ angle, etc. ITV Ventures just compounded their level of scamhood by becoming what they are now. I saw its new ITV Ventures incarnation, or regurgitation, on an ITV infomercial about themselves, so I got their offered information, to see what they were up to now.
PS- Scamway/Amway Global is the new name Scamway will be in America. The QuixSand/QuixFart/Quixtar name will be phased out, I think by the end of this year.
Run, do not walk, to the nearest exit!
Take care.