I think you can tell my feelings

about most DS/NWM/MLM Biz Opps — don’t waste your time or money on them.
However, I have a friend who joined ITVVentures. On the surface, their tag line of not needing to “pester” friends and family is true — their “system” does not rely on cold calls but people watching their infomercials and making the call to order that you as an IBO can answer. That’s the “on the surface” side of things.
On a deeper level, which is generally not told to a recruit until AFTER they spend their money to join, is that IBOs have to PAY for each call they take. So I asked the question, “What is the REAL commission you make?” I asked the friend and even emailed the company (after three emails and no reply I bet you can guess what i think of this company and its “opportunity” and where they can put it).
Anyone out there been involved with this mess who would like to answer a few questions for me? My friend would like me to help her with some training for her downline — which I don’t have a problem with. I’ll “train” life attitudes rather than about the specifics of that business and hopefully find ways to help these people (that she claims are so smart) figure out the truth about their opportunity on their own.