Hi, I’m part of a network marketing company

that utilizes Home Parties or other special events for generating sales. Fine. I “can” make a profit at this biz IF I put a lot of time and effort into digging up hostesses, and the work to prepare for the event (unfortunately, not a product I can just take in a box, hold it up and have people go “OO! I WANT (or need) that!”.
My company, though, has products that are low priced and therefore the “pay” for all that work is really low. That’s fine. I joined more as a way to get my product, and for a few friends, at a discount rather than for the biz opp.

I can recruit, but don’t see the Opportunity as so great and won’t lie to potential recruits. Most who recruit use the standard lines and scripts and hype. That’s them but not me.

I believe that a Biz Opp is “good” only as far as a person can make real good income from the sales side of the business. And this sales side must not rely on “overcoming objections” or in some way convincing folks that they NEED your product rather than the similar, lower-priced product someone else sells.

I had spent far too much to join the DSWA and found that far too many of the so-called “experts” they have on twice-weekly phone calls just repeat the same crap over and over and don’t offer real new ideas that work. When I see a call titled “Overcoming Possible-Recruit’s Objections,” I know I’ve stumbled into a territory that is a place I don’t want to be.

Some DS opportunities are viable, but I doubt they are great. There seem to be more and more people looking for the “magic bullet” business venture that will solve all their financial problems as our economy falters worse and worse. I don’t blame them. DS/NWM/MLM opps can look good because it looks there is a company to back you up, a proven opportunity that seems to have worked for others (even the recruiter who is using a script that says how wonderfully he/she is doing in this business when they aren’t making squat at it), and the company is supposedly doing the marketing of their produt and all you have to do is reap the rewards. These shortcuts to owning your own business sound great. Sounds can be deceiving, as we’ve all learned from news “sound bytes.”