Hi Cheri:

When I read about your symptoms and frustration with medicine, it reminded me of what my neighbor, Marilyn, was going through. She was suffering enormously from fibromyalgia and nothing seemed to help including a variety of medical doctors prescribing medication. She met with someone who did guided imagery and it worked.
The condition disappeared and she was ecstatic. I know very little other than what she told me but you can mention my name, Troy Tate, if you want to e-mail her at notabby…. I know nothing more about the person who helped Marilyn eliminate her condition.

I also know someone who has helped me and my family alot and her name is Dr. Beth John. She not only helps with a nutritional analysis but also has a healing art known as Safa. You can check it out at thesafacenter.com. You can e-mail her at drbethjoh… She is based in NY but doesn’t require you visit her offices to provide the services. They can be done over the phone. I strongly recommend her because she approaches everything she does with the highest of integrity. Of course, neither of these people have any connection with any MLMs, or I wouldn’t recommend them to you.