You’ve heard me say this before, but it obviously bears repeating

I let pro-MLMers in here from time to time IF:

1) They respect the members and the rules of the forum,

2) They are not here to promote their company,

3) They have legitimate questions, and

4) They seem willing to learn something.

My view is that as long as no one is harmed by the presence of someone who believes MLM may be viable, I see no reason to keep them out of the discussion. When the respect ends, the posting privilege ends.

And the rules of the forum are very clear: There IS a double standard in this forum. Pro-MLMers are on a short tether. But we’ve had pro-MLMer members in this forum before who could carry on a decent conversation and contribute to the discussion.

And lastly, how do you expect to show an MLMer the validity of the critic’s point of view if you exclude them from the conversation?
Again, as long as there’s a respectful interaction, the conversation can be useful.

I say all this because a pro-MLMer’s posts have to be reviewed and approved by me before they appear in the forum. MLMers usually make their intentions apparent in their first posts, and I’m the one who’s there to do something about it. Most times, you never see them or their messages.

Our member list consists of over 7500 people. Our banned list is over 2000. I think there could be more on that “banned” list if everyone who joined had to participate. I’m not shy in either direction. (I don’t want people to end up on the “banned” list. It’s just the result of their posts.)