Success University is one of the more transparent types of pyramid schemes

The FIRST question you should be asking yourself when evaluating a “business opportunity” is what product or service you will be selling and to whom. A classic pyramid scheme only transfers money between participants – mostly from the lowest tiers to the higher ones. So if your “business opportunity” has no product or service that can be sold outside of the organization, you are clearly dealing with a pyramid scheme.

So if you look at the F.A.Q. on the Success University web site, you’ll see that the only people purchasing anything are the participants in the program. Nothing is sold to non-participants.
That is, everyone who would be approached about being involved would expect to derive an income from recruiting people into the opportunity. Other than that, there is nothing for sale. That makes it a scam.

So that’s my conclusion about what I think Success University is.

Now, to the question of whether or not it’s doable, that would depend on what you would actually be doing and whether or not you like to sleep peacefully at night. If you want to make money, don’t care about the legality or the ethics of it and have no concerns for conscience, then it’s doable.

I don’t think most people would be so greedy or devoid of conscience to follow you, though. That will make it very tough.