I lost $6,500 in Equinox right after college in the early 90’s in Wisconsin

similar experience to many people here — they got me to sign a high-interest loan after convincing me how easy it would be to pay it all off. I was stupid and did it, and very quickly after realized that you had to get others involved to really move the money. I felt so crappy and I got a 2nd job to pay back the loan. I was so embarrassed and very few people I know know about it. My family doesn’t know.

I kind of blocked it out all these years until doing an internet search today and learning for the first time that there was a settlement. I never got any notice of it, and therefore never got to file a claim. It sounds like I’m too late, right? Never hurts to ask, so hoping in case anyone knows whether there is any restitution for people who come in late.

Thank you