being tempted by Home and Garden Party

I didn’t seek it out… and no one approached me to try to recruit me. I simply stumbled upon some information about Home & Garden Party that piqued my interest. I am having a hard time finding the bad in this one. The MLM style is a given. And I do understand what that means, but here is what I am finding appealing and different from most of the MLMs I tried in the past…

1. They ship to the client/hostess. No sorting, bagging, or
2. The order quota is like $10, so it’s not impossible to put in a
small order.
3. The company, not the consultant, pays the hostess bonuses.
4. Easy returns. THe customer does this through the company
directly and chooses cash back or replacement. Consultant doesn’t
have to touch it… but can if they want to.
5. Free website for consultants. Although I suspect that there is
more to this than meets the eye.
6. No shipping charges.
7. Appears to focus more on selling than recruiting.
8. No side business of sales tools.

The best I can figure is that it would cost money for the books…
and there is a $25 fee per year which seems good considering there are no shipping charges and the consultant doesn’t pay shipping.

Might I have found one of the not so terrible MLMs? I don’t want to say “good” because I think there is still room for abuse from uplines and whatnot… but it does seem low risk.

I tried to google Home & Garden party scam, but I think because the terms are also generic, it is harder to pull up anything specific. But I couldn’t find anything.

Does anyone have any insights as to things that are not apparent? I am tempted to put this one in the “not too terrible” category.